A Horse is Not a Home

A Year in the Life of an Americorps VISTA on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota

Project Update May 3

Show notes:

  • “I’m gonna keep this short.” … *makes a 9 minute video*
  • The transcription is just an outline of my off-the-cuff speech. It just takes too much time to do a proper transcription.

Hey everybody, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a post, but things have been understandably pretty crazy here.

This is episode 7 of A Horse is Not a Home. I’m gonna try to keep this one kinda short, but I’m gonna go through my to-do list. I think that will be easiest way for you to understand what I’ve been up to.

There’s about 10 items here:

  1. Launch the New Boys and Girls Club Website.
    • Migrated the content over to WordPress
    • Added a new Donation Form
  2. Make a video for Ashworth Road Baptist Church
    • They’re doing a program called “20 in 20”
    • Buffalo county was #1 but now they’re #2. Not because they got better, but because another county got worse.
  3. Finalize a letter of intent for the South Dakota Community Foundation
  4. Contact Randy Kittle at Parks & Rec about possible State Funding.
  5. Get ready for the September application for the DoT’s “Safe Roads to Schools program”
    • Either north to Stefan or south to Chamberlain
  6. Introduce myself to / get in touch with J.R. LePlante from the tribal relations office.
  7. Find out who the risk management person for the Crow Creek Tribal Council
    • corresponds with my big project: get a wind turbine built for the new community center in Crow Creek
    • Jenny and Emily did an amazing job doing the leg work in getting a building underway
    • The building already has geothermal heat and it would be great to get a “slam dunk” in green energy
    • needs a $1m liability insurance claim
  8. Research more foundations
  9. Leadership survey for Americorps
    • Part of the monthly conference call series
    • “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I’m 28!
    • When will people in my generation feel like adults? Is that something we’re capable of?
  10. ESA Foundation Grant
    • Would love to create educational software a la Rosetta Stone for dakota/lakota/nakota
  11. Ed.gov disability grant
  12. Sparkplug Foundation Grant
    • Music, education, grassroots organizing
    • They did a cool anti-recruitment effort in Minnesota, and it would be cool to do something as interesting on Crow Creek
  13. Get more info to my grant mentor
    • Somebody from the LinkedIn group offered to mentor me in grant writing, which is great and very, very helpful
  14. Send info about the Great Plains Native American Coalition website to Ryan for approval
    • The Great Plains Native American coalition is a collection of native clubs that are banding together to be able to see bigger funding.
    • Yep, making another website.



2 responses to “Project Update May 3

  1. Ryan Helms May 4, 2011 at 8:30 am

    HI, I’m 3 months away from finishing my first VISTA term (Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks) and looking around at openings to maybe do another year. The National Society for American Indian Elderly (NSAIE) program caught my eye last month and then this morning I found your blog. I also happen to fall in to the computer-y musician category. What’s it really like there on the reservation? Feel free to email or find me on Facebook. Peace. – Ryan

  2. AphelionZ May 4, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Hi Ryan! Thanks for commenting. You can join the Facebook page here and we can stay in touch through that: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Horse-is-Not-a-Home/172321202822637

    As far as what it’s really like… that’s a tough one. I can tell you what it’s like here, but literally every single reservation is different so I don’t know how helpful it’s going to be. Where is the NSAIE located? If it’s one of the reservations I’m familiar with I’ll be happy to inform you.

    What are you concerned with specifically? If you want to ask some specific questions I’ll also let you know about Crow Creek. I’ll even ask some of the community members and to see if they want to chime in 🙂

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