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This Week in Native Affairs: 5/7/2011

Geronimo-E KIA

Was the Geronimo nickname used for the mission, or for Bin Laden himself? Why does the Skull and Crossbones fraternity claim to have his head at their Yale ceremonies? Is his spirit truly still wandering?

Watch the Senate subcommittee meeting on Native Stereotypes – not just about Geronimo but also sports nicknames such as UND’s “The Fighting Sioux.” Tribal leaders maintain that the first thing to be spoken about is the positive aspects of the capture of Osama Bin Laden. To date, 61 Native Americans have been killed in action, and 445 wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Two Successful Law Settlements

The USDA has announced the approval of the US District court to settle a lawsuit filed against them by Native American farmers and ranchers. According to Attorney General holder, “Native American farmers who believe they suffered discrimination will have their claims heard.”

The city of Seattle will pay a $1.5m settlement to the family of John T. Williams. Williams, a homeless, partly deaf woodcarver who was shot by officer Ian Birk after refusing to put his knife down. Birk’s dashboard camera showed a full seven seconds between the warning and the shot, and Williams knife was found closed on the scene.

Positive Notes

In an amazing act of compassion and kindness, the Poarch Creek tribe is fully assisting Americans in the tornado stricken lands of the deep south. Although the tribal lands were not affected, assistance is being coordinated and tribal law enforcement is already on the scene.

Off the Rez,” documentary about Shoni Shimmel, one of the best high school basketball players in the country. She is also a Native American from the Umatilla tribe. The documentary describes the challenges her and her families face in seeking a college scholarship. The documentary is direct by Johnathan Hock, who created another sports documentary called “Through the Fire“.

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